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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
A Word In A Million Outdone!
By Ray Carlyle
This Is a commercial effect and not by me! However since it is a book test and I already have the worlds best book test . . .why do I want to sell another one?

Well because it does fool the lay public and I have a great finish for it!

The method is based on a method by Al Koran and is now in a better and usable form! Aside from the instructions you receive on a DVD I add my handling for the ending. Use it as is or with my killer ending!

In the original routine any hard covered book may be used and that is one of its strong points! Yes any book such as you might buy at a book store. Another strong point is that any page and any word on that page may be chosen by the spectator! Read that again! Yes any! You don't ask the page number or tell the spectator what line or any other instructions! He or she picks any word! The book is then closed and you turn around as you do not watch his at all! No you don't have to see where in the book he open it!

After he closes the the book you put a post-it-mote on the back of the 'dust cover' and ask that he write the word on the note, remove it and hold the paper. You now go over what he did and the fact that he had a complete choice of page and word, That you did not limit him in any way.

That is the original version and in and of its self a good test! But I saw a better use! At at least I think so and I hope you agree!
You do the routine as in the original up to the point where he writes on the Post-it-note. Now you hand his a coin envelope and ask that he put the note in there saying, "We will need that later." and move with the rest of the routine about recapping about how he had a complete free choice!

Having done that you move on to the next effect and do not reveal the word. Your act is done! You have finished with the last big effect. You start to walk off and if no one stops you, you stop yourself and say, "No sir I have not forgotten you and reveal the word!" The complete text is in the instructions.

This make use of the idea that Bob Cassidy and I came up with over 40 years ago . . .
"The Logical Disconnect!" The word is chosen near the beginning of the act and is revealed after the act!

The Audience remembers the last thing you do!
PRICE: $20
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