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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
The X-Ray Deck

Now that sounds like a weird name for a deck, but that is just about what it does. Before I tell you the "how" let me give you an effect I did with this deck in my show.

In a banquet show, which is most of what I did in the latter years of my working years I remove a deck of playing cards. After an intro to what I'm about to do I walk to a table up front. Asking a person to help I show that the deck is completely mixed (not stacked either). Closing the deck and turning them face down  and respreading them, you turn away your head and offer the person to select and remove a card. Still with your head turned away he is to return the card to the deck which is then closed and retuned to its box. The helper is asked to project first the color then the suite and lastly the value. You, the Mentalist, seem to receive the color and suite and value and tell the helper.

The method is that as you return the closed deck to the box you know the card he chose! ! That's why its an X-Ray Deck!

PRICE: $9.50  -  Red Back - Bridge size - Fox Lake Back

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