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You Too Can Read Minds!
by Ray Carlyle

Many performers sell items either before, after or both of their performance. Magicians usually sell tricks. Some sell books of tricks often called 'pitch books'.

So far there has not been, to my knowledge, one for the working Mentalist that does not show the him to be a magician doing mental tricks or as it's called Mental Magic.

However now there is! Yes this booklet which has over 40 pages claims to teach the buyer how to learn to 'read' minds! Yes that's right. . . no tricks! Just lessions on how to improve the mind to receive the thoughts of others!

here are lessions to read and test to pass in their effort to learn and acheve what you, the thought reader have learned!

So it would seem that you are passing on our own knowkedge on the subject!

At best they will, I believe, improve their memory. I personaly do not think they will learn to read thoughts or anything close to it. . . . but then who knows!

Remember, as with all the other book in this section, if you decide to buy this book I will need the name you wish to appear in it's pages and contact info you wish me to use. Most buyers use their e-mail address and if the have, a Web Site URL (address) . Some have 800 numbers, but not many. Whatever you wish send.

I have a 'stock' Bio that is in the books and set for the amount of words we have space for on that page. It can be altered some what so give me any wording that you might wish used. If you like I can, after you have bought the book, send you a copy of that page so you can see the text and ask for what changes you might like.


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