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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Zenith Master Mental Act
by U. F. (The Gen) Grant
The Zenith Master Mental Act was written by Grant as TV came into its own. Many of the references do not apply today. However, they do apply to theater. I have annotated the work and tried my best to make it relevant to the work many of you will find today.

That it should be lost because of the time period of it's writing is not fair or right. There is a lot to be learned especially if you are new to the art. The works of the past teach and therefore need to remain. Often a writer will refer to a long out of print work and if you are not lucky enough to own that work you are lost as to what he is referring to, in that context I have tried to save this work by my friend "The Gen".

Therefore I have taken this page from my catalog to redo out of print works. This is the first. Though it was republished by Grant's son-in-law in the 70's he is no longer in the business.

As they say, "Read and learn!"

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