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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Your Solar Zodiac Chart
by Ray Carlyle
This chart has not been offered before as I have held it for only those that I felt would really use it for their work. It's too good to just throw around.

The front cover has your photo or graphic. The back cover has your contact information:  E-mail address, website, FaceBook link, or other ways to contact you. You will need to provide a photo or graphic and your contact information.

The inside is complete and allows you to do a complete Sun Sign reading. The method is as simple as it can be, yet you need no knowledge of Astrology. I would, however, read up on the subject as you are placing yourself as an authority.

If you did this chart for the same customer a year from the first date, they would be the same. The Sun sign has not changed. This is not, you tell your customer, a full natal chart. The back cover can list your books you have "written" (or pitch books).

Please send the information after you have placed your order.  See the contact page for the e-mail address.

E-mail us for a sample front page.

Your customers will keep their chart.

PRICE: $25.00

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