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Edward Fowler A.K.A. Ray Carlyle
Your Solar Zodiac Chart
by Ray Carlyle
This chart has not been offered before as I have held it for only those that I felt would really use it for their work. It's too good to just throw around.

The cover has your photo or graphic within a field of stars and planets. the inside is complete and allows you to do a complete Sun Sign reading. The method is as simple as it can be, yet you need no knowledge of Astrology. I would, however, read up on the subject as you are placing yourself as an authority.

If you did this chart for the same customer a year from the first date they would be the same. The Sun sign has not changed. This is not, you tell your customer, a full natal chart. The back cover can list your books you have "written" ( or pitch books)

The front cover, besides you graphic, has your contact Phone number or e-mail address. Your customers will keep this chart.

PRICE: $20
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