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Mental Key
by Ray Carlyle

This prop is commonly called the "Haunted Key" and is available from other sources. Carlyle has taken the original key, aged it and written instructions for  the way he uses his. This is not to say that the other versions are wrong, just  different. To his mind, this work makes it a more believable effect in the eyes of the spectator.

The key used is the most well balanced to be put on the market in his  memory. Those that have given up trying to make the key turn and not flop over after the half way point  will love this key. It enables you to do it in others hands where you might have failed before.
The key points to remember are that you will have a much shorted time learning to control this key because of the way he teaches you to hold the prop and the patter lines that make it something your audiences will understand and believe.
You may have tried to find keys in antique stores and given up... Look no further, here it is and at a price you can afford.   

PRICE $00.00

None left - they are gone! There will be NO MORE.
The maker in the UK went out of business!
Therefore NO ONE will have them!