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The New Pocket Writer
(Manufacturing Rights Granted by John Riggs)
This is the answer to pocket writing. Invented and designed by famed Mentalist John Riggs (Brown Hornet etc.), it is simple to use. Constructed of "foam core", covered with a soft pad it is meant to 'do the job' you want.

The two(2)clips hold a pre-folded billet in place until you are ready to write. Then the paper is easily slid out and refolded ready to be 'palmed' and introduced where you wish.

The pencil is held in place by a magnet that is just strong enough to hold it there until needed. When you are done writing just let go of the pencil and it will pop back in place on the magnet.

It is wonderful for working with the New Style Ostin Clip, also designed by Mr. Riggs found also in this catalog.